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The Panama, Paradise, and Pandora Papers, represent the biggest data leaks in the offshore industry and exposed the lengths to which wealthy individuals will go to by hiding their wealth and avoiding paying taxes in the millions. Paul Blanchard Associates guarantees ‘Complete Financial Confidentiality’ and ‘Bullet Proof’ asset protection. Our reputation was built on it – Paul Blanchard

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With 25 years experience, Paul has acted as a corporate service provider to more than 100 international corporations including those with net assets exceeding 25 billion pounds. He now practices solely as an intermediary, introducing clients to recognised firms in suitable jurisdictions that meet and comply with all current tax legislation, in order to minimize their revenue assessment or liability. Explore our website and contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Paul has an in-depth knowledge of company law relating to offshore companies and is an expert in all aspects of the offshore industry including the creation of offshore companies, asset protection trusts, and recommends reputable, international-name banks that guarantee complete financial confidentiality